Sew A Little Seam - Movie Night PJs

Oh my goodness, these Movie Nigh Pajamas by Sew A Little Seam are the BEST! Definitely not just for movie nights, girl's night, lounging around the house or sleeping. They are for everything! (Nobody said you have to wear the top and bottom at the same time! My sister would say I'm not allowed to wear them the same time...outside of the house. But I totally would. )

The pants from the Movie Night Pajamas are seriously my FAVORITE! <3! I love all the cuffs, which means no hemming! I probably wear the bottoms more than I wear leggings, which says a lot because I loooove leggings. I definitely wear them weekly, until they are all dirty and I have to do laundry....

This is a pretty standard pattern with a handful of options. The top has a crew and scoop neck with an option for a placket and long, 3/4 and short sleeve options. Bottoms can have cuffs or hemmed with pants, capris or shorts!

Other than the placket (which I tend to avoid because I hate sewing button holes!) it's easy peasy if this isn't your first rodeo. With May around the corner (literally because it's tomorrow), I will most definitely be sporting some Movie Night Pajama's for Me-Made-May 2018!


Don't you love these?! I do. And now I feel like I need to go make some more! Remember, if you sew some up, link me in the comments of tag me on instagram! @tmcreates

Happy sewing! Cheers!

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