Five Beginner Sewing Patterns For Knits

Are you new to sewing? Or maybe new to sewing with KNITS and are wanting to give it a whirl?! I'm going to provide you with some good beginner sewing patterns to get you started sewing with knits! (Wovens still make me nervous, ha!) These are all PDF patterns where you will need to print and tape/glue the pages together before cutting out your desired size. Most PDF patterns use layers where you have the option to only print the sizes you need, or print them all!

I love PDF patterns way more than paper patterns found in places like Hobby Lobby or Joanns because the ease within the PDF pattern is the actual correct ease. All you have to do is pick the size to your actual body measurements (Bust, Waist and Hip measurements, grading if necessary) and it should fit how the pattern is designed to. Some of the Simplicity patterns I've gotten, sometimes there is a 4 in ease for a fitted shirt. That is ridiculous! It makes it a lot harder to determine the correct side. Drives me loco! So...I haven't attempted a paper pattern in years...

When I first started sewing for REAL (I bought my own sewing machine in early 2014 and went to town!), I definitely wasn't all that great. Let's be real. I tried making a bag and I sewed the flap on the wrong side (Oops!). 

If at first you don't succeed, throw it in the corner 
and sew something else! 

I've looked back at some of the clothes I've made within the first year and I have come a looooong way. Thank goodness too! Once I got more comfortable, it made it easier to branch out and try new things (like swimsuits and jeans!). So keep practicing and keep sewing because it does get better!

This was one of the first PDF patterns I successfully made (and it is fairly straight forward with NO hemming, yay!). It has dolman sleeves instead of the traditional inset sleeve, which can get a little tricky if you haven't done it before. It even has options for pockets! The neckband is attached more like binding than traditional shirt neckbands. It also has short or long sleeves and is a little bit of a high/low. I tend to forget about this shirt since I have way to many patterns now (I also don't seem to have enough patterns or fabric!), but I do love it! All of it can be done with a sewing machine, as long as your machine has stretch stitches, and it's even easier if you have a serger!  

Another super simple pattern! This one also has dolman sleeves like the Day Tripper, but you can hem it or cuff it. Same thing with the bottom, you can finish it with a hem and top stick or and a band. There even is a girls version so you can match your little! 

This is a pretty basic/standard women's t-shirt pattern. It also has an option for a v-neck if you are ready to be adventurous! (V-necks are still a little tricky for me). The best part about this pattern is you can get it for FREE if you join the Greenstyle Creations Facebook Group. If you have any troubles attaching the neckband, see my video HERE. I've only made the v-neck and LOVE the fit and will be sewing up some scoop necks once my fabric comes in the mail! (Holla!)

  • Peglegs by Patterns for Pirates 
I absolutely love this legging pattern! It is a really good start to sewing bottoms since it is only 3 pieces! Right leg, left leg and waist band. There is even an add on pack for color blocking, maternity and pockets! It's also a pretty quick sew and one I make constantly, because I live in leggings! They also have multiple cut lengths; shorties, knee, capri and ankle.

Raglan patterns are another good starting place, along with anything with a dolman sleeve. Raglans basically have all straight lines for the main construction, which is great because those sleeves can be tricky at a first go around! This is a comfortably fitted shirt and will definitely be a staple in your handmade wardrobe! 

Notions you may need!
  1. Double needle. If you don't have a coverstitch machine, a double needle is a must for hemming knits. it allows for 2 rows of stitching on the front with a little zig-zag in the back for a little stretch
  2. Rotary cuter and mat makes cutting out fabric a BREEZE. 
If you try out any of these patterns, link me in the comments or tag me on instagram (@tmcreatesand let me know how it went! Also, keep an eye out for more links to patterns that I love, ranging in all sorts of sewing difficulties. 


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