Ororo Bralette - Rad Patterns

Can I just say that I love Rad Patterns?! Stephanie is such an awesome designer and she is so real and down to Earth. I love it. I was able to help test the Ororo Bralette and it was just released today, which is a day early! You can get it on sale for 25% off, along with the panel undies and camisado cami until June 3rd. No codes needed!

The Ororo Bralette has light to medium support and is for the adventurous beginner and beyond. It has three cup size options, two neck line options, adjustable straps and an option for nursing! Boom! And it's perfect for using up all those scrap pieces that end up laying all around the sewing room...or the rest of the house... (Am I right?!) 

This bralette is super comfy! Power mesh can be used as the lining or added in addition to the lining if you need more support. Next baby, I will definitely be making a few with the nursing option since nursing bras, camis, tanks, etc. are stupidly expensive!

The only real modification I did was with the waistband and that is mainly because the easier the better! And I'm lazy sometimes and since it's for me, I don't quite mind if it doesn't look amazing underneath, as long as it was easy peasy! I also try to use my serger for as much of the construction as possible because it just looks so much cleaner!

So, you sew the entire bralette as instructed until you get to the waistband. Sew your waistband in a loop as instructed. I then take my waistband and bralette, mark quarter points on both and pin them RST (right sides together). Stretch slightly and add a few more pins and then serge in a round! Boom! You want the seam to go upwards, toward the bralette. If you really want to, you can topstitch the seam down with a little zigzag so it won't fold over the wrong way. (>>> There is the inside of my bralette) And there you go!


(Photo cred goes to my wonderful hubby! <3 Love you!!)

4-way stretch fabric with 50% stretch and good recovery! (3/8-1/2 yards for lining AND main)
O-ring and sliders
Bra strap elastic (1/2" is what the pattern calls for but you can modify with thinner or thicker elastic)
Waistband elastic
Nursing clips (if making the nursing option)

You can find an Ororo Bralette supply kit (not including main fabric) here!

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