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Free, free, free. I love free things, don't you? I also love me some joggers! Which is great because these cute little things are FREE! Officially released and ready for you to sew them up! ;) You can find these babies HERE, but you will need to hop on over and join the Petite Stitchery & Co Facebook Group for the coupon code! (Also, check out the free girl's yogger pattern!)

I was able to help test these and I love them. I need to make more! They are super comfy. These blue floral Yoggers >>> were made with double brushed poly from So Sew English Fabrics, and seriously, it is LOVE. The pattern comes in multiple cut lengths; high or low waist, shorts, knee and pants. The knee and pants can be cuffed or hemmed and you can choose to add pockets or skip it for a quicker sew. Note that the high rise is a true high waist, like at your belly button high waist. If you don't love that, stick with the low rise!

I like my knee length shorts to hit right above the knee cap. During testing, I ended up shortening the pattern by a few inches. I honestly should have shortened these by another inch and a half since I didn't make my leg bands snug enough to keep them sitting right where I wanted. #skinnygirlproblems. So essentially, if I shorten my next pair a tad more, then I can keep the leg band the same width (since the bottom of the cuff will be right where I want them. win/win!). I also added 2" wide elastic in my waistbands and shortened the length of the band. Since these are a looser style jogger pattern (btw, don't size down if you want them to be more fitted. These are intended to be a loose fit and sizing down may make things a little weird and wonky), it took me some good effort to attach the waistband to the garment. There is only so much my fabric can stretch! I also like a snug fit, especially if I put my phone in my pocket. So the waistband elastic is a must for me! Also, if you sew these up and they look HUGE before you add the bands, DON'T FREAK OUT! It's all good! Once that waistband is attached, it makes all the difference. Seriously.

Another really nice thing about this pattern: inseams are included! So you can make sure the pants are going to be the correct length from the get-go without having to make any length adjustments. Yay! (well, unless you are super tall or super short...)

TIP: Use LOADS of pins when sewing on the bands if it seems to be a big contrast in size. It makes it much easier. Pin the quarter marks and then the halfway point between those pins. I'd suggest repeating that and adding another set of pins halfway between those pins! Too many pin is never a bad thing!

Tip: French terry and liverpool are a bad idea for the bands :) 



(Photo cred to my amazing friend Annie!)

Always keep in mind that different types of fabric will have a slightly different look! As you can see with these! <3 Love them both!

Blue floral - DBP (double brushed polly) 
Light green floral - Liverpool

My go to fabric shops!
So Sew English Fabrics
Raspberry Creek Fabrics

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Happy sewing!


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