Well, it looks like I need to update my about me section!

Hi, I'm still Trissa and I'm married to Scott. He's pretty great. But what is even greater is out little man Max. We love him to pieces and he is growing up way too fast! We also have a dog named Bella and a cat who goes by Kitty or Peanut.

Scott and I were married in December of 2013 in the LDS Bountiful Utah Temple for time and all eternity. And boy was it cold! He's from northern Utah and I'm from Arizona where the sun is hot hot hot, mostly all the time. We are currently residing in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. He is in finance while I am currently assisting with payroll and billing at a smaller shop in north Scottsdale, while also being a full time, stay at home mama. 

I have many hobbies and I enjoy doing many things (including but not limited to sewing, reading, sleeping, painting, crafting, cooking, anything around the warmth and bodies of water, spending time with my family, traveling, yoga, etc.). My main hobbies currently are sewing and crossfit...also the occasional gardening when I find some even more time. I'm super particular when it comes to food and I like to eat more on the healthy side. I also enjoy staying fit.

I love my family. I love my friends. Welcome to my sporadic little life!


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  1. I just found your blog and I think it seems like so much fun! Consider me a new follower :)


    1. Awhhh thanks!! I think you are super cool! :) we can be blogger buddies!!