Baby Bouwhuis No.2

If you haven’t heard the news…we are expecting baby no.2! We are over the moon! Baby is expected to arrive sometime in the middle of August. My mother in law is not too thrilled only because Phoenix in August is the worst! The hottest month of the year!! (Don’t worry! She is totally thrilled for a new grandbaby!). I think this baby will be number 18 in the list of grandchildren on Scott’s side of the family and number 7 on my side. So many babies! At the gym that I go to, there are 5 babies all due within 6 weeks of each other. Seriously, all the babies!

So, if you didn’t know, Max is an IVF baby. We have 4 frozen embryos still from that whole process…

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Ellie and Mac - Women's Poppy

Ellie and Mac recently released the Women’s Poppy Top. This top is super cute! It’s more or a relaxed fit that isn’t too tight or too loose. It’s a perfect “in the middle”. It comes in short and long sleeves with a super cute button placket up the back. (Note: The entire side at EAM is currently 40% off through the rest of January!)

The best part about this top is you technically don’t even need to worry about buttonholes. The buttons don’t need to ever be unbuttoned, so if buttonholes aren’t you jam, you can totally skip it.

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Merry Christmas! from the Bouwhuis Family

This year has gone by so quick! Already Christmas?! WHAT?! We spent the holidays up in Utah with our family there and boy is it cold! We did get some snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Max got to try out some snow pants and snow shoes. Goodness, it is so funny watching him trying to walk around in those. He looked like a big marshmallow!

He’s so cute, I just love him to pieces! I definitely don’t love the cold, even though it’s not even as cold as some places in then East or Midwest! How do you guys handle it?! Us Arizonian’s don’t know how to layer. It basically doesn’t exist there. Maybe up north where it snows, but not really in Phoenix!

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Sew A Little Seam - Pet Movie Night Pajamas

Oh my goodness. Pajamas for ANIMALS?! Yes, please! Now our fur babies can join in the matching Christmas pajama fun! <3 Sew A Little Seam just released these Pet Movie Night Shirt AND the Men’s Movie Night Pajamas this month. Just in time for Christmas! (Seriously though. How in the heck is it already the end of the year already?!) The pet shirt even has an option for sleeves! Oh yeah, and they are free! Make sure you join the Sew A Little Seam Facebook Group! You will find the codes for all the Movie Night patterns in there!

Testing this was pretty fun and seeing everyone else’s fur babies in their pajamas….All the heart eyes! (You definitely need to go look at all the photos in the pattern listing. Oh my goodness! All those cute animals!)

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Sew A Little Seam - Men's Movie Night PajamasI

I have been waiting SO patiently for a men’s version of the Movie Night Pajamas from Sew a Little Seam to be released and they are finally here! Just in time for Christmas! The men’s version has a semi fitted top and pants that have more of a jogger feel. The long sleeve and pants have a hem or cuffed option and the shirt has great instructions on adding a placket! The best part of this amazing pattern? It’s free! Be sure to join the Sew A Little Seam Facebook Group so you can get the code! You can use pretty much any fabric for these as long as it has at least 50% horizontal and 25% vertical stretch.

They are definitely hubby approved and he was such a great sport for pictures!

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Petite Stitchery & Co - Merry and Bright Top and Dress

The Merry and Bright Top and Dress just released for both Girls and Women over at Petite Stitchery & Co and it’s currently on sale through Monday, December 10th.

This top/dress has a fully lined bodice, which means no neckband! (If you are still struggling with neckbands, check out my foolproof tutorial here.) There are multiple sleeve lengths (sleeveless, short, half, and long), multiple skirt lengths (tunic, mini, knee and maxi), an option for a one or two shoulder bodice, and a ruffled or plain bodice for the single sleeve. This dress can be super casual or more elegant depending on your choice of fabric.

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Sew A Little Seam - Master of Disguise and Imagine

I know Halloween is over, but girls play dress up all year long, so why can’t the boys?! The new Master of Disguise pattern from Sew A Little Seam is seriously the best all inclusive boys dress up pattern out there. There are so many options! (Muscle suits, masks, jackets, vests, shirts, pants, belts, hats) Kelly also has phenomenal instructions. Out of all the PDF pattern’s I have sewn the last few years, her layout is definitely my favorite.

Continue reading for some super cute pictures of Max in his disguises!

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Ellie and Mac - Men's Zip It

Ellie and Mac just released the Men’s Zip It jacket (currently on sale through Sunday!). There is also a Women’s and a kid’s version so the whole family can match! This jacket is easily reversible and is fairly simple sew. The hardest part is probably the zipper. The perfect project for this time of year! (Unless you are in the southern hemisphere…bring on the swimsuits!!)

Continue reading for some tips on this pattern!

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Ellie and Mac - Grow With Me Pajamas

Ellie and Mac just released these cute Grow With Me Pjs! The best thing about this pattern is that it’s free! Everyone loves free stuff, especially around the holidays (am i right?). Another perk of this pattern is it’s a grow with me style. The cuffs are doubled in length so they can be folded up when they are smaller and unfolded when their arms and legs grow longer. The bodice length is also more of a tunic length for longer wear and there is a dress/nightgown option. There are also options for a faux placket and ruffles. AND if you don’t want to color block the top, you can just overlap the bodice top and bottom pieces by 1/4” (the seam allowance) while you are cutting out your fabric.

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